I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Abandoning Salvation

Beneath a reflective, punctured full-moon sky,
Carved from darkness and feasting on doubt;
Ranging amid ruins through silenced cities of soul,
Where days of rain end the longest drought.
Mercilessly preying on reformed meekness, with
Obsidian dreams of infamous youth.
Subjected to the sacrifice of sanity, on
Fruitless expeditions to the other side of truth.
Stolen glances from parapets of motionless hope,
While winds carry whispers beyond realisation -
Drifting into infinity and lost
To an effortless melancholy of abandoned salvation.
Even the vice of remembrance is beginning to fade;
Another wrong turn on a well-trodden path.
Resigned to wander this maze of desolation,
A protracted engagement with eternity's wrath.