I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Truth Of My Dream

Contracting light disappears into night,
Contrasting emotions: yearning and fright.
Commencing love’s flight through realms out of sight.
Confirming devotion; begging delight.
Altitudinous journey shared with you,
Attitudes of dawn from dark breaking through.
After a flood of sky’s morning tears blue,
Asking the water to soothe and renew.
Swollen summer eyes now distant to thought;
Second to the promise to me you brought.
Success from failure the miracle sought -
Sealed with a kiss, in my arms you are caught.
Penetrations of pleasure, storms on your sea;
Promise of protection, never to flee;
Providing treasures in infinite degree;
Perpetuity’s hand answering your plea.
Embarking on discoveries to share,
Existence’s light beginning to stare.
Evening's shadows caress bodies laid bare;
Each night, my love for you will I declare.
Reflecting your vision, a glorious scene;
Rendezvous of strangers, melding serene;
Reborn for our meeting, restitching the seam -
Realisation of you - truth of my dream.