I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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A Seizure Of Curiosity

We have been caught in a seizure of curiosity.
That flight, once bound for truth, has been
Diverted over the unknown seas
Of scattered sacrifice, made
Merely in vain to the gods of fancy.
Exerted to the point of anarchy,
Their natural disposition fails and we are
Forced to see as others see;
Doomed to a dawning of descending hope.
Presently, as alone as the sky, we
Apply ourselves to solitudinous greed -
Apex of human tragedy, dictated
Throughout its trespasses by the caprices
Of sundry messengers, possessing
Designs on the charms of dignity, more
For their own advancement on a
Random journey of expression
Than for the detriment of ourselves.
Under a cloud of abstinence, and a disposition
Of selflessness, do the worthy wander;
Unperturbed by various temptations
Which claim the lesser souls victim;
Implicit faith in deception being
The major pledge of their creed.