I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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The Turning Of Tomorrow's Page

In dreams we know
No strife
Goes under the knife
Bloody, red
The scars of a life
We dream to escape
Of emotional crimes
Cracked bell chimes
Know, in time, you'll be safe
Bookmark the feelings
You'd like to come back to
When the trial is adjourned
I'll return
To my captor
The release of a caged
The falsity of a staged
The belief
That it was all worthwhile
The only smile
That comes with a price
Do I take the gamble?
Should I roll the dice?
Lucky seven
I'm bound for lands uncharted
Snake eyes
I'm back where I started
Reminiscing on the chances
Where I missed the mark
Memories fade
To reveal the shade
Of deceit
Those 'wonderful' remarks
Confusing and uninvited
Unfairly indicted
Something I can't control
Real real gone
Did I overplay the role?
In time there will be
An expired memory
Of the last time we met
I offered you the branch
From the olive tree
Of regret
Summer shadows
Of a blazing sky
Evening's sun
Perched eerily high
Winking through a cloud
Like me
The red of evening
Rolling across the valley
Over the mountain
Into town
Creating shadows in the alleys
I'm out of sight
I feel right
At home
Like the catacomb
Where this dead heart lays
For the beauty of the days
Gone by
Not asking why
Just a passing goodbye
I can't deny
How it has to be
She always was
Too far from me
Will always be
Too good for me
And to me, yet
I don't know why
I thought I hurt her
Though she didn't cry
Repititions of the years
Spent alone
Mastering this heart of stone
I found the one
To break the routine
A shame she never knew of
The gestures unseen
A thousand tomorrows
In the blink of an eye
Who knows what follows
On the brink of goodbye
Of the emotions I borrowed
Only one I wanted to keep
The love that swallowed
Even the dreams in my sleep
The increasing realization
(With a gentle persuasion)
The sombre recognition
She wasn't an element in
This inflammable equation
People ask if it was love
Or desperation
Vanity or mere infatuation
Without hesitation
Of one thing I'm certain
I know it is real
Not just borrowed for the occasion
Time waits for no man
To climb the eternal steps
From cracked sidewalk ruins
Rusted flowers wept
Behold the mourning sun
Shadow of precarious Babel
The sweat of the terrain
Unnamed and unlabelled
Dark destinations
And their glamourous debris
Perpetual streets
Snaked in graffiti
Barren tracks reveal the secret
Unlimited dream there for the taking
The monotone of history
Shatters the foundation
Pre-arranged future
A sensory starvation
New star shining
The birth of creation
Captivating silence
Of momentary confusion
Suspended breath
Of delayed conclusion
Unwelcomed stranger
Rapping at you door
Unsuspected danger
You tried to ignore
I've read from the books
Tradition and lore
Sampled the enduring romance
Of good versus evil
In their retaliatory dance
In the shadows of glory
No happy end to the story
Glimpse of angel in electric Heaven
Safe in the gazing watchman's eyes
Floating on snow-white cloud
Balanced in aqua skies
Caress of clear tranquility
Crystal summer showers catch the leaves
Red sun awakes
Tune of the twilight pierces the trees
Crash of night brings bare infinity
Celestial array erupting in the vicinity
Prowling moon with look of surprise
Cracks open the darkness
Midnight disguise
Wildfire rages through unturned pages
Little lost angel of delight
Forfeitted in fright
Colourless reflections of fractured night
Listening to you
Running through in pursuit
Of reason and rhyme
The rhythmical route
In the sliding shadows of distance
One reality to the next
Traversing this illusionary existence
Crossing borders where no one checks
Or objects to the passing
Only a flashing demise
Like the stars in their eyes
When the first rays arrive
Desperate images replace these
Orchestral dreams
Conducting the echoes
Otherworldly means
Staring into destiny's mirror
The future never gets any nearer
Our shapeless forms
Never become any clearer
I miss the days of rain
Stolen glances and subtle stares
When nothing compares
To the allegiance we shared
Situations pioneered
Reputations revered
Before the onset of decay when
Everything disappeared
Ghost town creaking in the annals of memory
Subsequent recollections
Can't revive the times that we
All spent in that room
Before the curtain of gloom
Drew to a close
The origin of exile
Self imposed
Peddlars of suspicion
Working on commission
Architects of the guessing games
Confusion ruled
Had us fooled
Recklessness of invented names
Only ashes of desire
Remain from the fire
That yesterday burned so relentless
Lies that were told
Disguises so bold
Did they know the child was so defenceless
Ties that bind
Not always so kind
Unseen obstacles now cloud the vision
Sever old cords
Rebuild the walls
From the flames the phoenix is risen
From the window of
The broken soul
Silver screen dreams
Escaping whole
The revelation of our
Secret shames
Twisted from sight
Sealed in tight
Hidden behind old picture frames
The face on the horizon
How many sets of eyes and
Do you possess?
Before you confess
To any unfavourable position
Exercise volition
I understand if you don't want to
Share what could come back to haunt you
Accelerated by degrees of
Reasons recycled
Histories rebuilt
Eager recollections of the days
When everything seemed to go my way
Still room at the top
For the clear of conscience
I'm condemned by a single slip
In a lifetime of compliance
The desolate beauty
Of a Jupiter Sunrise
Diamond plated oceans
Blazing summer skies
When the galaxies swirl
A fanciful portrayal
Of the end of the world
World of betrayal
Flag of deceit unfurled
Masquerades and fictional parades
Never ending charades
The fallacy of those
Midnight serendes
With their cactus tongues
Ready laced with ripened insults
Shadowless evenings
Bitter taste of failure results
A distinct impression
Depression in the clay
A new game to play
Molded by foreign hands
Unwritten rules
Cast in a language
I don't understand
The effortless melancholy
Of that first realization
When the farewell carriage
Annuls it's marriage
To the station
Autumn sunrise inflames
October skies
And I'm to blame
Flashing through the shadows
Of a silhouetted smile
Demeaning the glow
Of the lily of the nile
Wishing away my days
On an imagined desert isle
In moonlit memories of a
Porch-light kiss
Standing in the echoes
Of the serpent's hiss
At the shivering mercy
Of destiny's hand
Would you do me the courtesy
By letting me stand
Shoulder to shoulder with giants
In the same breath as the
To dance with the angels
That I might
Wear the halo?
I shudder to watch
The ticking of the clock
Counting the seconds
Till this moment fades into tomorrow
Burning desire for a treasured forever
A release from these
Chequered suitcase sorrows
The riverside poet
The water flowing
Through the reeds
As he plants the seeds
Of his next creation
Widens his eyes
Pens what he spies
From the dark distant echo
To an oncoming hello
Waiting at his next destination
And all in between
The people he's seen
The places he's been
Titled and set down on paper
Inspiration to pursue
Reflections of you
Seen in the dew
Shimmering in the early morning vapour
A forsaken island
On farewell horizons
The mispronounced love of the youthful heart
A soul salvation
Of Biblical proportions
When Exodus' oceans did part
Taken under the tide
Washed up on the shore
Where land and sea
Fallen through
The great divide
Rendezvous of realities
A chance meeting with fiction
Far beyond the reach and
Of simple truths
Of naked wonder
Cast in stone are the memories
We sat out under
Foreign skies and their
Misunderstood stars
In harmony with a
Bloodshot moon
Healing the scars
Twinkling to your tune
I used to think I could see
That smiling face in
The silvery twilight
Of bright midnight
To find out now, I was right
Is little
By the turning of
Tomorrow's page
The setting sun closes
The curtain of the stage
From the rising ashes of distinguished treasure
New games unheard of
Perverse little pleasures
Matching burdens
I saw a man in the shadow
The tone of victorious laughter
I see his face in the echoes
Mocking me ever after
Should we meet again
I'll show no malice for
The one who stole you
From me
At the palace door
The explosion of fantasy
A fountain of reality
Cascading truth
Unappeasing and unwanted
Recurrence of youth
Teasing though undaunted
Deceiving history of eternal temptation
Through the web of mystery
Proceeding in trepidation
I thought I'd fanned the
Flames of desire
Then I lost my balance
Once again
On the high-wire
The broken heart
A shrine to honesty
Looking back at the day
I can't say
What possessed me
Of promises received
Before the copy-book was blotted
Of the days of deceit
Secret plans hatched and
Against this knotted
Besotted heart
Lost in the maze of beauty
Timeless work of art
That is you
As on the day you were born
God had never looked down
On His creation so joyful and proud
The Angel's hallelujahs
Accompanied the act of
His right hand removing your shroud
My key in your lock
Rhythmically turning
Opens the heart
Frees the yearning
Sitting opposite
On cross-legged Summer evenings
Memories from the threshold
New-eyed naked breathing
Under a Gemini Moon
In the Cosmic Womb
The light in your eyes
Rivals the radiance
Of the stars in the sky
Or the vivid iridescence
(The daring emergence
A beauty untethered)
Prismatic convergence
Of the flaring
Peacock's feathers
Living in the shadows of this
Caged society
Learned the values of love
Self-esteem and piety
Escaped the game
The gaze of notoriety
Always one step ahead of
The ruthless
Their tongues of forgotten youth, this
Eternal competition
A long-lost race
My weary legs cannot cope with
The truth
The pace
The liar on my case
And his ever-changing reasons
Trading attacks
Like Mother Nature switches seasons
Though his crimes go
From this emotional treason
You saved me from extinction
An early shallow grave
Shared with me your distinction
Taught me to be brave
You read my intention
Right from the start
Closed your eyes and
Opened your heart
No worldly pleasure
No invented device
Could ever replace
Where your touch will suffice
A face in the clouds
As I look upon the
Mirrored sky
Straining to quench
Growing cravings
Heat in my eyes
Rising high
Signs in the shadows
A strange beginning
Rising from the ashes
Of a tired, dizzy feeling
Thoughts running wild
Desires and sin
Do I ignore the whispers
Or look deeper
Picturing the day you'll wear my crown
Angels play their Heavenly tune
Till that day, a permanent frown
Adorns the face of the moon
The sunrise found the morning
Perched on the threshold
Of oblivion
The unsolvable equation
Of eternity
The perfect delivery
Of fantasy's dream
The fabric of time
Torn at the seam
Swallows the deeds
Of dawn
And we mourn for the passing
Lost in a pool of tears amassing
She said she couldn't stay
But maybe she might
The flood, a reminder
Of my last lonely night
The echo in the fresh
Broken heart
Grows louder
Till you've found a
New place to start
The darkness that shrouds
Your immediate vicinity
Soon claims the emptiness
The bare infinity
An obviation of reality
In the labyrinth of love
Obeying the rules
Even those made by fools
Dictated in disguise from above
Good and bad angels of
The Dickensian age
Moments and memories
Igniting the page
Of riverside walks
In the cold grip of winter
I still feel your touch
And the love I fell into
Of hot summer nights
Where I lifted the veil
Kissed you on the lips
Before you set sail
I planned your return
Never thought it could fail
Stood eye to eye
With the face of betrayal
Lack of commitment?
Emotional acquitment?
Or was it just a test of my patience?
Driven by a need
I'll let this heart gladly bleed
In search of the symbol of our adjacence
Past misconceptions
Leave me too scared to talk
As we used to before
Unsettled perceptions
Leave me too scared to knock
On her ever-locked door
That my master key can't open
In desperation I'm hoping
The frustration, the emotion
That left me a broken
Hasn't led you to confusion
Or to misunderstand
My motive, my intention
Though I admit to the charges of
Coaxing invention
Never was responsible for
The hoax of pretension
Seen the man in the corner
On whom you bestowed your honour
On your affections I'm considered unlearned
No word
Have I heard
Since you returned
Gave too much
Too soon
My love has been spurned
Emerged from the fire
Of empty desire
The flame for you hasn't burned
Was I made for these times?
Is my place really here?
I've never known love
To exist
Without fear