I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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No Truth In Distraction

The chilling frost of a shimmering winter
Lazy memories of red summer nights
The joy of youth has cast its shadow
A silhouetted encore of delights
I'd like to meet the artist
Who took the canvas that was your soul
Who was commissioned to create the masterpiece
Whose passion made you whole
Caught in the conflict of choice
The lingering doubt of inaction
Turning a blind-eye to the crossfire
There is no truth in distraction
I fought the duel and came out victorious
But I wasn't the object of your desire
You just stared up as I crashed down
In free-fall from my finest hour
Sombre the mood of your departure
No words to convey how I'm feeling
Not even a glance as you walked out of my life
My heart left fatally reeling
The rain streaked down the windowpane
Like the teardrops on my face
The anniversary of the night you left
Disappearing without a trace
I can count to ten in the blink of an eye
This game of hide and seek has gone too long
I've counted the number of stars in the sky
Still all the places I look are wrong
Why do I go on watching you
Through eternal scorn?
Why do I go on watching you
As though the battle can still be won?