I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Memoirs Of A Mercenary (first draft)

Hide And Seek In The Garden Of Eden

Trailing The Lost Illusion Along The Narrow Passage Of Chance

Pandemonium: When It Reigns, I Pour (it's not finished yet, but it's getting there)

The Unfathomable Distance And The Conspiracy Of Time

The Peril In The Fight And The Glory In The Triumph (A Correlation)

A Waltz Through October (With An Angel In The Shadows Of Autumn)

Symphony In The Stars (The Minor Fall Of Orion)

The Bridge And The Flow (Reflections In The River Of Tears)

My World The Lie (And Other Double Entendres)

The Season's Turn (Adventures Of The Golden Narcissus)

From The Echoes Of Truth (Of The Impossibilty Of Dreams)

The Colour Of The Wind And The Territorial Advantage