I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Glimpses Of Avalon (Love Is A Long Way To Fall)

The sun began it's descent beyond the borderline of past and present
These battlefields of youth lead towards home
Abandoning the war-time heartaches
I have seen outside the wall and I must follow
A look of caution on the face of the new moon
I begin my journey
Leaving behind the city lights, the tricks of youth
I must follow
The bloodstained river-ribbon skirts the pathways
Fading to a perfect clear blue
Curving through chiselled mountains
Haunting infinte caverns
The ancient shoreline, jutting into once condemned waters
Without fear
Without thought
With an inspired passion
A passion I resolve to adopt
The water, the sinew of my strength
The catalyst to my redemption from fears I never knew
Fears I never knew existed until I felt them exiled
The vines of happiness no longer knotted
Freely I swing
Then, through the trees I see her
The long hair spilling into the water
Of the fountain of innocence as she drinks
Why can I not look away?
Who is this that holds my attention so?
A dewdrop falls from the leaf and I blink!