I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Inside These Confined Quarters

Inside the confined quarters
These places we see only through our mind's eye
Where the lights are dim
And the nights grow longer until they never end
Beneath a dusty moon, uncaged from behind the clouds
In memories of faces we can no longer name
The self-inflicted wounds of sacrificial freedom
Are worn like medals won
In the holiest of wars
We dwell on these wounds
And could do so for an eternity
Were we not so afraid of being seen
The spectators
rrying for a spot, from which to watch
Then burying themselves in thought when the clock is stopped
They leave in a flurry of note-making and calculating
Always unsatisfied
We will never share our secrets
We will never exhibit the combats in the corner of our souls
The deep affinity we share
The masterful acceptance of our predicament
Only souls know souls
In the wall that now surrounds the heart
A layer of understanding
A foundation of trust
The unbreakable bond formed
When souls unite