I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Diamond Eyes Of Metallic Skies

The smile on the lips of the fool
Unfathomable pleasure
Gaze, glazed
Lost in rhyme
The wandering kind
Forgotten all he left behind
All he knew, searching blind
Lost as me without you
A victim of geography
In dark recesses hidden
Words unspoken (bonds unbroken)
He would if he could
He doesn’t know them
Searching the streets
The lantern-lit home of the misfits
Under the stars; subway cars
Dive bars; battle scars
Wet, wetter out in the rain
Face strained, feeling the pain
Misshapen  ginger-bread man in the bakers' window
Lost, forlorn
Still that same smile
Running wild
Free like the great river
Air smells of Autumn
Listening to the leaves, laughing
In the wind
Fallen, not forgotten
Illuminated by the artists
Immortalised by the poets
Decorated with footprints
What was a carpet of stunning gold
Now a masterpiece of the dead and old
Conquering the seasons
Trying to stay one step ahead of Winter
Collecting his daylight savings
Squandered on a misspent youth
Wasted Time
What does he have to show?
A head full of poisoned memories
A heart full of empty promises
A soul full of shattered dreams
Not all his own
Crystal sun streaks through the trees
Reflected from raindrops
Diamond leaves, dying
Blind man in the alley, sighing
Dagger in
Resting in the humming streetlight
Seeing clear to what will be
When the shadows touch the sky
Harvest time is here again
Raking in the crops
Brings in the dollar and the dough
Old boll weevil smiles
Great show!
What does he know?
One good year
One false smile
One good picking
Truth is out of style
Courtesy a stranger
Between the bridges of our worlds
You met them there
They blew you mind
Passed by King’s Park
Three white arrows
One straight
One true
One yours
And it struck
Held me up against the fence
A blistering backdrop of
A ‘For Sale’ sign on yesterday
Good for a cheap present
For the slackers and backtrackers
The dismal, the deluded
Not for you
You concluded
I just nodded
The fool laughed
The sun split the clouds and we kissed
New rays
A birth of light
In the stutter of creation
I lost my balance
You saw what was coming
We knew nothing
The fractured night
Wounded animal
Scolded child
Limps wearily across the horizon
Our friend watched
Two eyes; hundred watt bulbs
Lighting the sky, then out
Like a flash
Sixty yard dash
Spark out
Dreams of places, spaces and faces
Scenarios and other cases
This world in another time, or
This time in another world?
Held in a trance
Numbing silence
Powdered peaks of snowy mountains
Simplistic beauty
Great white wonders
Perfect palette for the prodigious painter
Of words
With words
Of limited experience however
Step out of your goldfish bowl
You haven’t lived
Do it
Do it now!
No one understands?
Everyone understands!
You’re not alone
They’ve all been there, done that
(Look at her new t-shirt)
Too many times to mention
Cut the tension
Lack of sense and
Timing, to perfection
One way ticket to wherever
Get on the plane
Take the train
It’s now or never
You’re not so clever
Hiding the pain
Go far across the mountains
Or the sea
Drink from the fountain
Know what it is to be free
Ah, freedom!
Magnificent state of just being
You are now here
Stranger to nowhere
Looking across the vista
I knew somewhere I’d missed her
Once told me
Everything has a purpose
The purpose of a question, then?
To be asked or answered?
Neither, by men
What you don’t know
You don’t need to know
Questions raise doubt
Too many about
I should’ve listened
Now I find
I’m so far behind
Transfiguration of the vision
Inauguration of the dream
Took the ocean in your hand
Guided me
Safely to land
On the golden shore I stand
Wander in wonder
Begin to ponder
What treasures I could plunder
Innumerable questions surround
What becomes of friends lost?
Where could they be found?
What would be the cost
Insurmountable answers abound
Reaching up into tomorrows sky
I pluck a star; gone too far
The reason why?
Music in the air
Clouds forming a conga-line
Rain keeps the time
Vibrations getting stronger; sign?
Meteorological rhapsody
Mother Nature in all her glory
Doesn’t tell the whole story
No one ever does
Love might make the world go round
But secrets keep us
Tied to the ground
Afraid to gamble
With the act of sharing
Bound to lose, bruised
Abused all caring
Stop your staring
She knows I won’t talk
Not that daring
The dawning of the day
A new sun risen
Eastern promise
Flower wilted
Growth stilted
Days of meaningless recollections
Of sin
Of hope
Of days already been
And gone
Never again to come
I guess I can still dream
I hope I can still dream
Refuge from the cold
Still raising a smile
As night caresses day
That unforgettable moment
When I could only pray
One day
I’d come home and see her there
Stand in her stare
I’m much too scared
To her I surrender
The great pretender
Across the sea I sent her
Everything I am
Returned to sender
Addressee unknown
Must be something I’ve done
I know she’s home
Where angels roam
I wasn’t welcome
Did you ever feel
The texture of the night?
Or experience the touch
Tender touch of a cloud
In a soft
Surrounded, safe
A friendly face
To see you arrive
To greet you with a smile
Make the leaving worthwhile
As you return
From across the miles
On the benches
The faceless judges sit
Pass comment on your trials
And spit
Out their words
Venomous snakes hunting
Defenceless birds
Voices build to an invisible crescendo
Silence in the gallery
State your case
Punishment face
Journey halted
Senses assaulted
Seeing, hearing, feeling
One touch
To take her hand
Fingertips on her face
Through my mind memories race
Cannot be displaced
Skydiver in freefall
Feel the rush
He wasn’t pushed
Parachute to guide him
Ground crew to find him
I have nothing
But strangers
To confide in
Some go through life
Fulfilling hopes
Their own and other’s
Then comparing notes
This is all a game
A shame
A sham
A scam
Made by man
Since first he came
I don’t really believe that
Of the wonders that surround
I once wrote so profound
Nothing but lies
False alibis
I knew it
And threw it
To the wind
I watched
As the pages turned
I could smell
Each word burned
The pages fell
White as ghosts
By the words I am haunted
Continue undaunted
Go with the flow
Follow the tide
Take life in my stride
Tightrope ride
Don’t show you pride
Cast aside
Nowhere to hide
Passing time in childish rhyme
Candle on the night-stand
Breeze through the window
Curtain billows
Flame dances
Outside, the trees (willows)
Resisting icy advances
Dense forest clustered
Refuge for the scoundrel
The outspoken
Closely guarded
No place for the broken
A bullet with my name on it
Trouble down on the corner
Writing on the wall
Could’ve got here sooner
Watched them take the fall
A hand, help
That was all
Instead you stop
Silence is mocking
Ignorance, bliss?
Now wonder you’re so happy
The magic armies are converging
Expression and Doubt
I know whose side I’m on
Indecision my weakness
Fighting the tides
Waves crashing
Eroding, smashing
Original sin
Daylight choking
Dust of cobweb clouds
Smoke rising
The nights are getting longer
Stars shining stronger
Illuminating new-born galaxies
Life in he split-second of infinity
Rises fast leaving it’s mark
Then fades
Into the echoes of eternity
With each passing
Flashing demise
A new wonder intrudes
The intimacy of my mind
Exploring the danger
Love to the stranger
Comfort in the eyes of
The child in the manger
Time is just a word
And the word is
A moment of truth
Descended from youth
An aging transcript
Intricately bound with
Strings of experience
My pages are loose
Ground to make
No time to waste
No time to kill
Come what will
Choice to face
Treacherous Angel spies
(Diamond eyes
Of metallic skies)
In the stillness
Simmering night
I can only dream
In black and white
A feeling of helplessness
I can’t explain
Lost in the crowd
Though feeling no pain
There’s someone watching over me
My luck has changed
Where emptiness reigned
Events now pre-arranged
Littered with charlatan truths
Little white
Masquerade in honest disguise
Deceives my eyes
Relives me my highs
In peaceful slumber
Forgotten space
House with no number
Perfect place
Mind to plunder
Rafts of memories
On rivers of tears
Lost the loves
Kept the fears
No more soaring Heavens above
Clipped wings of the dove
No more she sings
Sweet refrain
I’ll just have to dance
Dance to the music
Up to you how you use it
Fuse it
Lose it!
Close your eyes
An eruption of nature
Engulfs your soul
Reach out
Touch it
Feel it inside
Beauty indescribable
Vision undeniable
Memories reconcilable
Blanket or warmth
Too excited to hold a thought
Lying myself happy
Confusion marches
Through frustration arches
No substitute for direction
Those words resound
Nobody around
Your money or your life
Neither is worth a dime
I forfeited
That little lost angel
In a game of chance
Happens in a flash
The memory lasts
One request
For the flightless bird
The moment we met
Remembrance clear as day
I never wanted it
To end this way
To have lasted forever
I would have nailed the night
To the sky
Using the stars
That were shining in your eyes
And the hammer, pounding
In my heart
Then retreating
My eyes are bursting
Feels like burning
The morning sun cuts
Through half-drawn curtains
The answers are in
The songs we sing
The bells that ring
In everything
To all you head-turners
Eyeball-spinners and hum-dingers
Watch out when the North Star is peaking
You won’t find it in your attention seeking
There are no strings
To the simple
Blissful things
Ten thousand people waiting in line
To leave their rose
On the memorial shrine
Fame and fortune guaranteed him this luxury
What about the girl next door?
She didn’t even look for it
Just because he was famous
Doesn’t mean you should ignore the lies
Your sentiment’s so false
It rips the tears from my eyes
Touched by a dead-man’s hand
Around the shoulder
Like a frosty wind
Than a mid-winter’s night
You turn
To find
No one behind
It’s a sign
A reminder
Time is slipping away
Not long to find her
Stuck in this game
Never Ending charade
Left counting the cost
The price I’ve paid
Denial of existence
Stranded in the distance
Sitting in silence
At her insistence
Vague words cluster
Yet randomly owning them
Unconscious meaning appears
Rhythmic pandemonium
Recollection of the days
Ah, the good old days
Inspired schemes
Impossible dreams
Ruthless smiles
Youthful trials
Heroic adulation
The man on the silver screen
We didn’t care
What had already been
Now I follow
In the snow
To her door
Vultures are circling
Swooping and soaring
Eyes fixed cold
Intently, on me
Cackles and howls
Mocking my love
Nerves risen
In preparation of
The wondrous vision
There’s a barrier between
But no middle
Must we be forever
By love or hate?
I care too much
To wait
In apathy or indifference
In lifelessness or
The moon crowns the sky
Like the rubber tip of a pencil
In the artists hand
The dark clouds pass by
On the canvas forming a stencil
A base for the pure-white jet-stream to stand
Winters coming
Trees bare their souls
Like me
Like mine
Like ours
Everyone lays awake in the
Midnight hours