I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Blazing Eyes Wide

Blazing eyes wide in crimson sphere dreams,
Beholding riveted skies in star-studded creation.
Suspended whispers, hanging above the hollow of death,
In a breath of smoke devour their formation.
Gazing upon the precipice, from cliffs of disbelief,
Searching for the solution I am constantly denied.
Revolutions of reality, a life-exploding birth -
Embodiment of energy, white-rosed and empty-skied.
When, from the fractured night, the light escapes,
Fusions of flesh form in exhibitions of truth.
Commanding the rain to the cleansing of souls -
An avowal of attachment, a renewal of youth.
Need I go so far as to imagine
A life without you, devoid of my sun?
Inspired by the fear that darkness would reign:
Venus, O Venus, tell me we'll be one!