I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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The Path Of A Tear

Looking into the eyes of innocence,
A window to Avalon,
I was lost to a place
Where, even in silence, we speak;
Where secrets, in the purity, cannot breathe;
Where neither head nor heart nor Time are ruler.
There is a sadness now, though
That was never before.
Whatever they told you, wasn't the truth!
Those things, I never said,
But you believed from their lips.
That I did not speak, my dear,
Does not mean I lied.
And now, this final farewell, that will
Haunt my reckless dreams.
As eyes grow heavy and night grows dark,
Before turning to depart,
I trace the path of a tear
To its final destination -
A perpetual rest,
In the eternal memory,
Of an immortal kiss.