I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Secret Sinners And Streetcar Lovers

When darkness surrounds
Thoughts become conscious
Motions of madness
Motions of joy
One-act stage-plays
Girl meets boy
Always the same scenarios
Different times and places
I’ve learnt to read the results
From the looks
On their faces
One day
A happy ending
I’ve played by the rules
Not hung from the ceiling
The jewels
Never deceptive
Always receptive
If a little introspective
We can’t all be the showman
Light up the screen
I’m more the snowman
Freeze on the scene
Until I find the part
To warm my heart
True from the start
Through to the end
On the hairpin curves
Slalom bends
I won’t stand
And stare
I’ll always be
The wind whistles
Crisp through the station
I turned
In time to see her face in
The windows
The wind blows
Cobwebs from my mind
Joys and woes
Highs and lows
The far-reaching aching
Deep in the soul
Let it dream
Even when the tears stream
Or fears scream
Let it dream
Set it free
You will know
What you can be
You will know
What I mean
You will know
What I see
Speaker on the stand
Motions his hand
People unite
Applause unplanned
Under the rapturous effect
The opposition defect
Warrant out for my arrest
Their outrageous plans
I publicly protest
Verbally detest
The speakers words I attest
Opens his mouth
Words fall south
On the wind
Around the bend
In the letters we send
Nothing left to say
But I say it
Don’t want her to forget
There are things
I haven’t done yet
I need her to see
What she means to me
Wishing she’d share
What I mean to her
I can see myself in forty years
Still sitting here
Hiding the tears
Never got near
And her sitting there
Old rocking chair
Through the window she’ll stare
Out into nowhere
A bleak mid-winters evening
Brings nothing
But the pain of leaving
Fingers up to the glass
Shadows that pass
Above us shrouds
Bloodshot clouds
Crimson lake
I make
A break
For the border
Sense and disorder
My head full of wonder
I feel I’m being pulled
Hollow dreams
Arrive with sundown
Fill the nights with silence
Or the laughter of a clown
They used to scare me
As a child
Now I’m more afraid
Of what’s behind the smile
What does it hide?
Secrets inside
I can’t get away from
The overflowing tide
Carries me astray
To a land far away
From her
Now I’m lost
In a wandering world
Travelling flasks
Gypsy masks
Maybe someday we’ll be in tune
Fork in the road
I spoke too soon
I’ve travelled this land
Under no ones command
Walked these roads
Carried my loads
Looking far and wide
In front, behind
World of mystery
Poison darts
Searching for
The thief of hearts
Gave in to temptation
Between hope and frustration
No-win situation
Fought ignorance with defiance
Opposed compliance
But when she plays
I still dance
Her song of the streets
Captures my mind
Raptures my soul
Comes running to me
Makes me whole
Stepping out in her party dress
A million bucks
Dressed to impress
She sees the dangers
I hope she never changes
To me
Is the best
There is a street theatre
In the old town square
Acting out episodes
Of love and despair
Perhaps I might meet her
If I waited there
Long enough
I didn’t hold my breath
The last time I saw her
I remember her eyes
Promise of endless nights
Waiting patiently
For her return
An encore of delights
I see her pass
She moves swift
When I’m with her
Time stops
A heart of gold
A soul that will never grow old
I love everything about her
The sound of her voice
Leaves me no choice
I would do anything for her
The way she moves; the way she writes
Reminds me of Spring or red Summer nights
Of the people she’s met
I’m willing to bet
She has never seen anything
Like me yet
Cascading black hair
Parading ruby lips
Crescent moon smile
Visible for miles
On my fingertips
At least that’s how I want it
In no position
For such supposition
Violent opposition
Not a hint of superstition
The first sight I saw
As I stepped from my door
Orion’s belt was twinkling
Four corner-stars blinking
Bright as the glint in
The child’s eye
Sons and Daughters
Fathers and Mothers
Secret sinners
Streetcar lovers
Giving into desire
Have you heard the news on the wire?
Read the writing on the wall?
Read the writing on the wall!
The wild, raging ramblings
The lonely, lovelorn mystic
Stuck in a rut
Ifs and buts
Bitter, sweet, twisted
Clouded, misty
Hint of uncertainty
Raising doubts
Dare I let it all out?
There are people running
From shadow to shadow
Strangers to sight
Befriended by night
Doing what they can
To lie low
What do they know
To make them so sure
That everything to come
Has happened before
Repetitions of the past
Buried in the grass
Reflections of the future
Cut from the glass
Across the land the sun is setting
What is the betting
People are forgetting
The little things
The pleases and thank yous
The hellos and good evenings
As we pass on the avenues
Showing off ignorance
As if it were a gift
Completely oblivious
It is causing a rift
Taking for granted
Far too much
Before she was gone
For me, it was her touch
The touch of her fingers
Ruffled my hair
The touch of the light from her eyes
Devastating stare
Sideways glance
Locked in a trance
Never stood a chance
Resigned to wonder
If the roar of the thunder
Is real
Or my imagination
Flashes of lightning
Increasingly frightening
Too similar
To your trail of devastation
It wasn’t supposed to happen that way
A patchwork of memories
Into my mind
Images and echoes
Across time
The words of the ages
With each new century
Passed down through generations
New chapters
I’ll add mine eventually
Emotions enfolding
Enveloping then dissolving
On me
She has a hold on
The feeling is timeless
If silence is golden
This moment
Now the night descends
Church bells toll
No use to pretend
The stars on patrol
Screeching round the bends
Out of control
Out in the streets
Where the speedsters meet
Old fashioned drag race
Shame in defeat
No time to decide
No changing the tide
When midnight strikes
It’s time
For the suicide ride
Starts with two drivers
Ends with one survivor
Asking for help from above
Should you get away
Live to die another day
Only a metaphor for love
The door is unhinged
Privacy infringed
In the flames of desire
Your heart has been singed
The stars are falling
The fates are calling
Destiny is stalling
Time is crawling
The steps of eternity
Where I wait in uncertainty
No one to carry me home
I prowl the stairs
Try to catch you unawares
Stealing glimpses of you on your throne
The throne
Where I placed you
In my dreams
Where I chased you
In my thoughts
Where I caught you
In my arms
Where I held you
In my nightmares
Where I lost you
The past
That I’m running from
Not so far behind
Too scared to look back
Afraid what I’ll find
Where tears pervade
Daylight fades
To black
Then back
Caught off track
Stumbling blind
Across the railroad track
Six-thirty freight
Right on time
Flashes past the old smokestack
Sprinting through
Golden wheat fields
Young lovers playing
Behind haystack shields
While old flames still burn lightly
Threatening again
To burn so brightly
Like once before
Three times nightly
A flicker in the distance
Flashlight through the trees
Scouring the land
Searching for me
On the run
From the tales I’ve spun
The lies I’ve weaved
The selfish deeds I’ve done
Now I’m lost in action
Occupied by distraction
Fruitless transactions
Of emotion
Lacking devotion
All feeling has drowned
Vast blue ocean
Where they had seen us
That day
Nothing could come between us
I heard you say
They advanced in a flash
Took you away
From me
Now I must evade
Early morning raids
Spreading the rumours
Across the headlines
Every age
Gets the hard line
How many will they persuade
I need to find
Someone on my side
I need to unwind
Safe place to hide
I never meant to hurt you
You never should have known
When I opened my mouth
I knew
My cover was blown
What thoughts echo before
As we tread
This white December floor
Where hundreds of lost souls
On this battlefield
How memory is painted
Like tell-tale wounds
Never revisited
But still
Where mystery remains
The marks of crushing defeat
Will never be healed
Her breath penetrated the walls
Between the halls
Where hope springs eternal
Despair rages infernal
I stood in the moonlight
Dreaming of Spring
Found the simple joys
Waiting within
The soft-blowing breeze
Stretched out
Across the lake
Cool breaths of Spring
Long may I take
It washes my lungs
Clears my head
Frees my soul, I know
I’m a long way from dead
There is a perfect glow
The sun meets the snow
The passage of time runs slow
You can find
And fulfil
Your wildest dreams
Or patch up the hole
When you come apart
At the seams
Wide-eyed child
Laughing in the sun
A new memory
On the verge
Of creation
Memories of times
Back in the day
Ti Jean on the road
A new game to play
I see people
Following in his footsteps
Not understanding
The sacrifices
The challenges
The concepts
A recurring dream
A man in the room
Blood on the walls
On his hands
On the moon
I don’t even recognize
My friend
Meeting strangers in the night
Red moon up above
And a shadow
In the streetlight
Or the moonlight
Or the oncoming
Bearing Down
Coming up
The bend
Zigzagging through town
There’ll be sparks flying
Like the one in my heart
Still shines
Even when we’re apart
Never dies
When the daytime grows dark
And you leave me
Lead me
Oft-times deceive me
Into thinking
You’ll stay
But I know
Even before you say
It can’t be that way
With that, I’m fine
Though sometimes I pine
For the day
You’ll be mine
I’ll be yours
I can stop keeping scores
There are marks on the wall
I fell behind them all
In the race
For the place
I want most of all
Holds my world in her hand
The mysteries of history
As I stand
In awe and wonder
Wind is howling
Thunder is growling
Evening’s clouds appear to be scowling
I don’t mind
I’m not scared
I’ll know I’ll find
The place
Where I dared
To face the shame
To play the game
Knowing what’s right
And doing the same
I’ve seen her heart
Too soon to start
For her I’ll hold my aim
Evidence of the scars
Where I fell through the stars
Divided loyalties behind bars
The night-time stars
In their patterned advance
Screaming to the void
A piercing resonance
The song and dance
In his hypnotic trance
Cut through
The scratching dissonance
Forgotten truth
Lost without a trace
Buried deep
In an unimaginative embrace
Colourless vision
The necessary precision
To make the choice
Final decision
A revision of strategy
A result of the elegy
Lamenting all my yesterdays
In the evaporation of memory
Expired enthrallment
Of a desire now dead
For old time's sake
I take back
I never said