I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Glimpse Of An Eclipse

Part I
But a week
In the coarse language of Time;
A shared perpetuity
In the infinities of Soul.
We have sailed through the stars,
Witnesses to their patient awakening.
We shared a universe
During the exhibition of creation.
Our endless night sheltering us
From the inferno of dawn,
As it rose from the shadows
In fiery birth.
No longer mindful of the calendar
Of days wasted staring
Over the edge of the world.
No longer need I master
The mechanics of a memory
Programmed only for doubt.
No longer a victim to the looping
Indecision of desire.
For your return, I await
Beneath your sky,
In breathless expectation
Of the moment
When I fall into you.

Part II
These, the many nights
That have passed, enveloped
With the idle shroud of repetition,
Have reached a climax.
From my depths below your sky
I follow the trail
Of a shooting star, staining
The invisible clouds
Like the blood that flows
From the teeth-marks of the moon.
This celestial sacrifice, token of desire,
Offered, that fate may grant
An orchestral encore:
The echoes of silence that pervade
Our secret place
In full-voiced tribute to you,
Their Queen.
A ritual of ancients, performed
Through the weeks of ages.

Part III
Speak to me now
And cease the tremors of craving
In this starved heart.
Hold me, senseless out of time.
Give me new life
From the breath of eternity.
Rescue me from the loneliness
Of this crowded plane
In the tender solitude of your unending embrace.
Save me from this ravenous ache
With but a single taste
Of your kiss.