I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Reining Storms

Captured in a breath of storm:
The rhythm of moon-drenched hymn;
Our nocturnal symphony;
Composed of dark supremacy, and
Performed throughout the extremities
Of our being.
Where, under the reign of falling stars,
We etched our bright
Midnight constellation.
Your howling hair coiling
My naked waist;
In concordance with my wishes -
There is no escape.
Riding, an unholy union,
Into crystal realms of ecstasy.
Rising through you, as the sun
Across his precious sky,
Burns the creases of her clouds
In the instant of creation.
Dawn awaits our approval, hanging
Patiently in the wings.
A mere distraction; growing ever more distant
During our cosmic alignment.
In arching acceptance
You feel my warm love -
Gales of liquid wind on which you soar;
Exploring kingdoms of pleasure.

Saturate my swelling heat
Under your summer rain!