I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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A Sunset In The Stillness

Searching the sky, an abyss of memory,
A blanket of stars mirror assassin's eyes.
Rolling through the reflected expanse -
The midnight sun in his lunar disguise.
Shooting star aimed at the current of Time,
Harvesting wishes never destined for truth.
Is it too much to ask of the evening shadows:
A sunset in the stillness, shared with you?
Twilight, in graceless movements, dragging
The coppery light of morning, emptied and fleeced
Of the shades of her beauty which greeted me
At the threshold of being, where movement ceased.
As one in the ritual of the cosmic dance;
Under her aegis, I'm caught in her spell.
She surrenders in silence, I answer in voice -
"Take me to Heaven, 'fore I return to Hell!"