I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Saviour from a self-imposed exile, spent
Drifting on the sea souls.
Those waters once condemned,
Now cleansed by your purity.
You, whose beauty cannot be comprehended
In our limited dimension of mere words;
Nor seen solely by the naked eye.
A contradiction
Of warrior's resolve and silent surrender;
Ever soft to my touch.

When you opened yourself to me
I found my home; a place
Where even my weaknesses are cherished.
Forever you will sit
Atop the summit of my affections -
A height I will daily scale,
If only to prove my worthiness.

Possessor of the key
Which unlocked this obsidian heart;
Granting freedom from wretched dreams.
This fractured night you pieced together
With your unique delicacy of touch -
An offer of a new dawn,
To be shared
With you.

Our four thousand miles,
But a heartbeat's distance;
From a whisper to a dream,
You illuminate my existence!