I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Incidental Accident

I never whispered a last good-bye;
You never offer a silent hello.
These words undelivered; we've become mute -
One voice drifts beyond; one sinking below.

I remember a liquid summer day
Spent skipping across those pyrite streets.
The world evolving, spreading before us;
Heaven revolving beneath our very feet.

Now, blinking search-lights of blindness cannot
Guide a sunken ship, through this storm's fury, home.
The ink disappearing from leaves of forever
Deeply cracked, though visible in our tome.

Can you not see this violence we're facing?
Will you not be persuaded to take a stance?
Forces arising over the silent hills;
With malice of forethought, soon to advance.

We are but another inevitable accident;
Spinning recklessly, veering out of control.
A drive-by of indifference; an absurd hit and run -
Merely a statistic on the highway of souls.