I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Rising To Honour

Winged lightning pierces the distant night,
Bearing crystal flames of prismatic light.
Radiance climbs chromatic skies o'er the east,
As a summit of shimmering mists is reached.
Sentinels of darkness move stealthily aside;
Arrows of luminance fill the surrounding skies.
This challenge accepted with no fear of defeat -
Sweet surrender of spirits too long incomplete.
We stand united through mutual conquests,
Starved children nursing at milk-filled breasts.
Succoured fledglings we rise for midnight flight,
Our vision on the new horizon within sight.
Rising in the warmth of destiny's embrace,
Those ancient, weathered trails our footsteps trace.
Under announcements of sunlight inherited from dawn,
From the ashes of our yesterdays, a flame is born.
Sharing this journey along the stars and beyond,
Promises of protection, never to abscond.
Meeting as creation's infernos rage;
Beholding the turning of tomorrow's page.
In the fury of the moment, under eternity's gaze,
Sharing a fall into these endless days.
Replacing the fear with clarity of mind -
This dream comforts the mem'ries we left behind.