I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Beyond The Jurisdiction Of Time

Caverns of ice daggers hanging, metallic;
Flashing silver spikes in symbols phallic.
Hidden chasms, from the vision of sunlight,
Nurtured at the breast of perpetual twilight.

Cemet'ry seas we conquer, fortress walls we breach,
Our secret place which foreign eyes cannot reach.
On the fault-line of fate, fact meets fiction,
You and I meet beyond Time's jurisdiction.

Upon a bedrock laden with concentrated quartz,
Where we shared golden-nugget midnight walks.
Divining the depth for our mysterious ore;
A foundation shored by the truth at its core.

Through mists of sand, desert dust-storms howling;
'Neath the scar of a smile on the midnight, scowling;
Defeating the fury of visions nocturnal;
In the gallery of heart hangs your image, eternal.