I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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January's Angel

Justice was done to the creator's plan.
Jettisoned failures abandoned to night -
Justified was the Master's persistence:
January's angel blessed us with her light.
Ordinary people never knew of
Orphaned existence in the lonely crowd.
Orbiting my earth, a golden-eyed sun;
Over-hearing my voice, crying out loud.
Love's tender hand, once cold on your shoulder,
Lifts now your heart into places unknown.
Lasting visions of glory depicted -
Lighting the darkness where no wind has blown.
Evermore will we wander, bound by need.
Entrusting to each, our souls to protect.
Enveloped safe in my arms eternal -
Everlasting embrace, ne'er to neglect.
Now I see paradise not just in dreams -
Never so near since you fell from above.
Nothing to render us ever apart;
No longer to live outside of my love.