I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Wasting Time Staring Over The Edge Of The World

Wasting time
Staring over the edge of the world
These untitled and never ending 
Midnight Ramblings
Shooting stars rise
In endless skies
Eternal Cascades
Highlighting shades
Of tomorrow
A sneak preview
Final run-through
Before dark becomes light
The shackles of night
The present
On the brink of
The past
Destined for extinction
At the hands
Of an all-consuming
Standing in awe
Wonder and amazement
The line
Of time
Moves across the sky
All encompassing
Spirit transcending
A wide berth
From this immoral earth
Passes right on by
We're not ready
Too unsteady
Not yet able
To live in harmony
Ongoing dismissals
Constant remittals
Sacrificing the now
Willing to beg, steal or borrow
For a flashing chance
Of a material tomorrow
Always ends in sorrow
Carries the baggage
Of a savage
Knocks you down
Drags you around
No grace
In greed
To be found
Living for today
Not dwelling
On the past
The threshold of your last
Many an idle moment
Under the shady tree
Lover's Lament
The prophesies
How many came true?
Which ones missed
The mark?
Now to be found
For the dark surrounds
I still see you
Even though
You're not here
Always used to be there
When I needed to share
A tear
A tale
Now left spitting
Sour taste of betrayal
Offered you my heart
Took it and kept it
In your buttoned-down top pocket
I asked for yours
But you locked it
In a box to stay
The years slide away
No closer to finding
The correct combinations
I miss the beauty
Reflected Constellations
In those starry eyes
I need to revise
My stance
A masterplan
To reclaim what once was mine
Before the demise
The one-sided compromise
Where you drew the line
Losing my balance
The world spins on it's axis
Painfully clear
I need a little more practice
The legacy she left
The compounded legend
Impounded dreams
Nerves deadened
The dead end
Where I hit the wall
One consolation
Not far to fall
On my last go round
The end of the trail
The tale
Random hearts beating
In tandem defeating
Competing urges
Surging intensity
Fuels the inclination
Daring flirtation
Overcoming a flaking propensity
Confined notions
In converging emotions
A generous donation
The promise of salvation
The richness of the resin
From the black cypress pine
One day
Will be mine
Until that time
Swing from the vine
Awaiting the sign
The changing seasons
Never resting on laurels
Preaching immoral
Waiting for the one
Who gives me a reason
To breathe
To live
To love
To give
Do you fear the day
You meet your maker?
The dictator, the narrator
Instigator of this play
No need to worry
So long as you're sorry
The slate
Will be wiped clean away
But I don't want to wait
Until that day
The day I die
I need my
Record erased
A chance to replay
To right the wrong
Correct the mistakes
A mural of inspiration
The irregular librations
Of thoughts
Running through my mind
Lost inside
Countless distractions
Neural abstractions
Which, contrary to fact
Are not created
By mental act
From the onset of reality
Physical, subliminal
A brush with duality
In the written word
Late-night notations
Literary innovations
A glance, a look
Through your favourite books
Searching for clues
Hints and tips
Compiling a list
In my little notebook
It reads like a rhyme
Up till the time
We spend together ends
Forever unfinished
As yet undiminished
By the objections of fair-weather friends
Dark rooms of my mind
Furnished with doubt
Repeating eerie incantations
Numerous experimentations
Quenched a thirst
Come through the worst
A well-timed rejuvenation
Holding the fort
A courageous defence
Continue to thwart
The advance of pretense
She always sold me short
Spoke of the discord
In the imperfect tense
Visions of her now penetrate the ether
Should I take a back seat
Or continue to seek her?
A defining moment
Aligned with truth
Outgrown and stepped forth from
Shadows of youth
Left behind immaturity
Hand-picked by obscurity
Another lone traveller
On the road to security
You made it you boasted
Though with the help of your friends
Whose names you wouldn't share
I came to the conclusion
That you were already
Halfway there
I wonder would she
Be so kind
To let me leave
Yesterday behind
I don't need the memory
Burning any longer
What use
The abuse
If it doesn't make us stronger?
My dreams
Are screened
To make sure they're acceptable
Simple task
No questions asked
To you
I'm too
The smoke now cleared
From the shattered face
Of the broken mirror
I see her in every
Reflected, refracted
In my self-imposed
State of detention
Waiting for her
To re-mark my
She is to my heart
What Apollo is to the arts
The centrepiece
The main attraction
Regardless of distraction
Wild voices
Reverberating echoes
Of a secret audience
Paid the price
Want to know
See the sights
Watch the show
For any circumstance
A stolen dream
Of a chance meeting
Unforgettable greeting
A theme
Replaying the scene
A fractured memory
Where I met my enemy
Highlighted the confusion
Kept in seclusion
An unsolvable mystery
An all-seeing eye
God in the sky
Author of history
Does she remember last
Valentine's Day?
An attempt to restore
That which existed before
Arrived unannounced
Whisked her away
Through the streets till dawn
We talked
We danced
Gay Paree
To me
Is now more
Than the capital
Of France
The look in her eyes
Not one of surprise
Saw through
My disguise
To escape
This sorrowful aberration
Takes more than romantic
If I am
To win her favour
Must be more direct
Not make her suspect
Nor advertise the fact
I crave her
A picture
In a gallery of conquests
Third from the left
One more
Of your 'innocent' contests
In this world
Of overflowing curiosity
Doubts arrive
Lightning velocity
Truths contrive
Stinging ferocity
An expression of love
Belittled as
A digression from reality
With a pinch of salt
An assault on
The effects of neutrality
A definite correlation
No mere observation
Found the recipe for
This spark of illumination
Cause for celebration
I observed in quiet
A caress
A touch
Is it asking too much?
A new location
To rid myself of this
Invariable, pliable
Undeniable crutch
Everywhere we look
Not always the most obvious
Criminals and crooks
Setting an example
Death-row suspect
Means to financing
Their chances
(What else would you expect?)
A single instance
Of this world full of scorn
Battles won
Battles lost
I don't even mourn
Were desensitised
War is
Decked out in the trimmings of
For all of the parades
Against guns and grenades
And though their
Won't cease
At least they won't cower
Nor give in to the power
Oppose the schemes of
The elite
Thousand pound suits and
Executive suites
They can have their riches
I'll stick with
My rags
I don't want that money
Unmarked bags
What good
It be
No one to share it
Give me love
Before money
Just can't compare it
For too long a time
I neglected
My calling
Always finding excuses
For stalling
There was a time
Not long ago
I thought
I was over her
Now faced with
An emotional
I set out in haste
To the place
Where I left her
Where I lost her
To another
An unnatural disaster
Once more
I'll be riding
The crest
Of a wave
Though before
I promised
I won't misbehave
Refuted the allegations
Disputed the regulations
No use in
Standardizing emotion
Generated a feeling
Dedicated to healing
The harmonic motion
Where the ocean
Meets the sky
Blue shades of wonder
Where again
You and I
Will be one
Amidst the rolling
The perfect
Of two wandering souls
No point in lying
No use denying
We both know
We're two halves
Of a whole
One and the same
But you still
Play your game
Of deceit
Don't want to compete
A retreat
The burning furnace
If I give up now
I'd be hard-pressed
To find you
I'd rather not have to
All the answers
To the clues you left
You knew
I would find them
Strategically placed
The solution will condemn
A future uncertain
I never know
What I'll see
When I open
The curtain
Everyday a different room
For the silence
To reside in
Four more
Dark corners
For me to hide in
She is the power
She holds the keys
She can tease me
She can please me
The Queen of the realm
Fantasy frees me
A mental state
We all can relate
To debate
Even conjugate
My heart takes flight
She recites
Those words
They send me into
Rapturous delight
An invitation to
To feast
On at least
One of the seven
Deadly sins
To counter the
To pull me from the
Dirt you
Introduced me to
All seven
Of the Heavenly
Yours is the light
Shining so bright
Till the end of the
Through to the morning
To a new day
Without you
It's not worth it
A state of mourning
As a warning
I'm alone
But I won't
Admit it
Commit myself
Submit myself
Your game
Now I'm willing
To play it
I feel
A sense of duty
To share
Your incomparable
But mere words
Always fail
To convey it
Gun in hand
I'll place my bet
Fatal game of
Russian roulette
A six in one chance
Winner takes all
You are the prize
Since I'm no good at goodbyes
I guess I'll have to answer
The call
Spin of the chamber
A lesson in starkness
Click of the trigger
My world
In darkness
I think my chance
Has passed
It's date of expiration
My time is up
I've lost
My sole inspiration