I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Bridging The Gap

Winter's chill still lingers - marks inconsistent time -
Ignorant of the clocks and their quickening chime.
Carefully nurtured, my aching heart to follow
My forward path littered with lengthening shadows;
Where cruel gods reign, flourishing night begets no day
And idle sycophants ever heedlessly prey.
From her own footsteps echo she warily shrinks,
By the clear, crystal river desperate to drink.
Of emotional temptations, few own the haste
Recklessly attached to a confidence misplaced.
Each new moment of freedom diffusing, while
Those gods deny with their cracked, refusing smile.
In this distance between the slow passing of storm,
From darkness to dream searching: lost, wild then forlorn.
Through windows of wonder destined ever to stare -
Thinking my fortune be those joys never to share.
Delights of you witnessed from confinement, in vain:
Longing that your voice would call finally my name.
This fertile sadness from which grows her repentance,
Watered by those tears, raining ever relentless.
Strangling-weeds of misfortune entangle the rose,
Forcing her flowering in to dismal repose;
Fruit-bearing seed scattered, falling only without,
Rejected from sunlight, cast to shadows of doubt.
Through echoes of existence my foot-steps lose pace
Down vacant corridors wandering without trace.
Souls cupboards emptied, morally bankrupt, laid bare,
Continually alone, wounded by despair.
When will these worlds collide in birthing our new sun?
Would that we two rejoin: be 'twined ever as one.
Restoration of hope follows rest itching of seams.
My love will purify you; 'vitalising your dreams.
Vanished from vision to be banished from belief,
No more will those shadows implant in you their grief.
From his winter sky, holds you in eyes beguiling,
A silver sun above, down upon you smiling.