I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Midnight Serenade

Have you ever seen the rain
Bleed from the sky
Through the teeth marks of the moon
And asked yourself why
Night-time must fall
At the end of the day
Why can't it just once
Happen the other way?
Momentary stillness
Silence in the bliss contented
Heaven-sent thoughts
Soothing sensations of my senses
Trust in the spirit's wings
Future's flight
Where souls unite
Through the solitude the voice still sings
The overwhelming reunion
I met you standing on
The shore of the eternal sea
The fault-lines parted
Swallowed and we departed
Our Guardian Angels still sing in harmony
Ghost of summer
From the amber shadows
Our voices fade and
Laughter follows
Echoes trailing breathless
Memories of the midnight-manicured moonlight
Stars lighting the endless
And the golden tails of the fireflies
Painted across the
Silhouetted skies
Reflected in those
Champagne eyes
My Grandfather's clock
Stands forlorn in the corner
The swaggerring pendulum
Reduced to a crawl
The clock-hands meet
A dust-struck noon
It's bell-chime no longer
Rings out the call
The stone-mist greeting of a
Cold cliff-face stare
I received upon meeting the
Eyes of your portrait hanging there
In the labyrinth of history
Erased from the pages of Forever
Entangled in mystery
A time we once stood
I remember
Took my hand and pressed
Against your chest
The racing pulse in our breast
As our lips caressed
One more recollection
I'll re-live in regret
Why is it easier to remember
What we want to forget?
So many tears
With which I have parted
Across the miles
Through the years
I still recall how it started
One cold, wintry night
Left me, brokenhearted
No word of goodbye
As you silently
I followed the trail
The whole world over
Subtle little clues
She always knew that I loved her
Painted visions haunt the horizon
Between the shadows
When the stars began to fall
All my dreams
Lined up like criminals
Shivering, naked
Against the old stone wall
Crushed under the weight
Of centuries of decay
Where we sat in the shade
The summer sun would fade
Twilight hiding our sins
Memories of the midnight choir
Rehearsing for us
Under the hot china fire
I still hear their voices
The echoes of this travesty
Pervading the silence
The snow-white majesty
Nothing but a correction
In the margin of history
The strength to be found
In the strangers' touch
The calming stride
It's influence is such
The whispering secrets
The confidence they provide
Passes beneath the embrace of pride
But the trusts I've divulged
Now bear no resemblance
Too often I've indulged
In the sin of remembrance
Emotions that lingered, limber
Now fading into
Pass with unerring fluidity
For what is to come I am braced
In the icy wrath of winter
Or the warm caress of summer
Face to face with my mentor
Teacher, Father and Mother
Ripples in the ocean of time
The water in perfect blueness endowed
Previously unbreaching in the bitter sky
A grey river of angry cloud
The golden spray
Weeping from the sun
The towering Heavens
Lighted as one
There is no man living who can see
Through the mist of envy
Nor a flesh and bone creation
Which can transcend each and every
Boundary of temptation
No creature of the natural earth cuts
The ferocious winds of uncertainty
With such devastating precision
Not a soul has come and gone that
Conquered existence
Without a wrong decision
The web of deceit spreads
Enticing a new victim
Preying on the greedy
And their lack of conviction
The silence of the night
I answer the calling
Underneath the falling
And the scattering stars
Illuminating the night
Concealing it's secrets
And I in their sights
Revealing my weakness
Reflections in the broken glass
Rainsoaked memories limp through the grass
The arrival of the candlelight dawn
Torn through the lie
From the shattered face of the mirrored sky
In the finite remembrance of the midnight serenade
The promises that were made
And unkept
When the twilight fades
And the midnight wept
A tear on the cheek
Staining the face in my memory
Rolling gently
As the crystal river
Through the very heart of spring
It doesn't dampen her beauty
Nor drown the wonder
Coming to rest, bittersweet on her lips
I remove the burden
On my fingertip
There she stands
My heart in her hands
Still beating
Laughter in her eyes
And I retreating
My breath ceasing
With her every movement
A triumphant sun reclaiming his pedestal
The impending majetsy of the next new dawn
Snatched from the hours we occupy still
One more temporary victory torn
From the clutches of night
In our various stages
Of anger
Of delight
At the Midas of the ages
Igniting nature in the golden glow of creation
Reflected in the faces of the immortal children
Twinkling eyes and smiling lips
Celebratory hops and skips
Oh, to be the child again
When desires were innocent
When dreams were encouraged
Before patience were spent
Before love was discouraged
Reach for the switch
Turn off the memories that linger longest
Every star has it's story
It doesn't matter which shines the strongest
Affecting the loneliness
Of the night-time sky without it's moon
Collecting the desires, once thought lost
From across the ages strewn
Untold or unremembered
A future left to live
With you or without you
I have nothing left to give
Recurring dreams and nightmares
To which I constantly play host
Desperate promises to the devil
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Still invisible to the eyes
I need to see me most
Though those eyes will never greet me
Their tears will always meet me
At the entrance to my dreams
Cast only to deceive me
To win the angel from above
I tried hard to play
By her rules and stipulations
To find that her words of love
Meant nothing, that day
Only a tool of manipulation
Will our paths ever cross?
Will our hearts ever join?
Could I withstand the loss
Dealt by the toss of the coin?
It makes no difference
Which side I choose
Heads, you win
Tails, I lose
Through the fury
On the wing of the razor-edged wind
Which divides our existence
I heard the words of the half-blind messenger
He, she desires
(And against whom I've sinned)
Has revealed his insistence
With devastating precision he has sent for her
The perfect circle
Of a faceless moon hangs overhead
And I, back where I started
The irony rips a frozen tear from my eye
My teeth chatter
Words desperately needing to be said
Left with you when you departed
Now my only response, a smile or a sigh

Inaudible whispers, a disclosure of love
Entrapped me in a state of bondage
A raging desire, a hazardous passion aroused
Before trust and truth were a foreign language
Your friend has gone
Escaping the darkness
A fading candle his only light
A flame, burned from both ends
Never threatening to ignite
My dreams, flowing and forceful
Though I resist the temptation
I can't trust myself
In this breathless desperation
Your friend has gone
Leaving nothing behind
Too hard to forget
In the shadows of memory
But another silhouette
Face to face with destiny
A mirror with no reflection
Have I ceased to exist?
Or did I escape detection?
Your friend has gone
A gypsy in the land of
Lies and contradiction
This obsidian heart
No stranger to fiction
I thought I needed no one
No friend but solitude
Left fumbling for the exit
From this shameful interlude
Your friend was wrong
Wandering the wilderness
Awaiting an invitaton to return
All the time he was gone
The flame never ceased to burn