I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Ancestral Simplicities

Wasted, to the shadows of evening.
Harvesting this desolation;
Encouraging the dull ache of twilight;
Nurturing the impossibilities inherent in dreams -
For what we know is but a reaction to what we see.
Annotations in the margin of history;
Corrections and changes graffiti this cold
Existence devoid of inspiration.
Diverted towards melancholy during these waking hours,
We witness intermittent moments of achievement -
Incidental in their nature and
Too few to be of any worth -
Hatch, then quietly disappear; hidden
In between the lines where nobody reads.
Going before the fall, the more
Noble among us persist in their attempts,
Out of misplaced confidence, or mere ego, to
Resurrect the beauty of our
Ancestral simplicities.
Nought be the outcome of these fantasies,
Though time no better spent be bought.
Graceless in their movements
Invitations of renewal are answered.
Taken out of context by
Serial intruders, they are consequently
Incarcerated within a jail of ignorance.
Forgotten by everybody but memory,
Each of these servants to denial
Express but the doubt of fantasy.
Learning to overcome this, we try
To situate ourselves behind the bars,
Housed within the confinement, in attempts to
Explain, if only to ourselves,
Not what we believe, but merely ask.
Even if it is, beyond our own doubts,
Exaggerated to the limit of comprehension,
Designs upon this truth
Trap us into this state
Of being convinced, upon the slightest provocation,
To satisfy our human need for solution.
All of the words from the great
Kings of ages past,
Except those we dislike, are followed to the letter;
Treated as gospel;
Handed down through time to be
Exemplified in the actions of self-styled
Philanthropic leaders.
In view of this treachery,
Several souls
Search vainly for the light.