I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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The New Dawn

There stood the crystal ghost,
Heaven’s forgotten phantom.
Shimmering in the shadows,
evading the Watchman’s lantern.

Our bygone memories gather
upon ancient gallery walls.
The paintings of the last new age,
ten-a-penny on the market stalls.

Eternal hopes and forgotten dreams
there for all to see.
Beware the phantom as you choose
the one to keep and come with me.

Where a million eyes endlessly search,
the calming Voice will guide.
Place your picture on the mantle,
as we walk, side by side.

Shoulder to shoulder, stride for stride,
through the graveyard of our fears.
Dateless headstones all around,
stained with timeless tears.

Be strong they tell us from afar,
from the safety of their cages.
Have they read the story we’re going through?
Have they even tried to turn the pages?

Aware of the darkness surrounding,
into the depths of the abyss.
We step carefully and true,
we can’t afford to miss.

From above we hear voices,
the song of the cosmic choir.
From below we hear the howls,
the torment of the liar.

Spectres from the night converge,
mocking laughter, wayward hands.
Attempts to drown with them,
to the eerie shadow-lands

The ones who took the easy route,
they tell us ignorance is bliss.
They haven’t known your hardships,
unfamiliar with all of this.

Because everyone else ignored the signs,
doesn’t mean we should too.
Didn’t you wonder why they wallow
in jealousy towards you?

The crystal ghost he reappears
to tempt you out of favour.
He offers you a place in his sinful world,
no punishment for your error.

Until their feeble whispers end,
in dazzling dream-states wander.
Keep the demons in your sight though,
lest your compassion they wish to plunder.

Walking to the tune of the hummingbird,
as the noon-bells chimed ‘cross the land.
The white rivers running secrets washed,
upon the pebbles on the sand.

Under the lonesome bridge we sat,
out of time and out of mind.
We could hear the feet on the cobblestone above.
If we look out what will we find?

Temptation decked in neon lights,
grabs you, leaves you reeling.
Are we stuck in a game we just can’t win?
Do you ever get that sinking feeling?

Dreams invaded by polluted thoughts,
deluding and poisoning the slumber.
The scales fall from your eyes,
resist the voice that pulls you under.

“In dreams we evolve,
expanding our perception.
In dreams we dissolve,
the powers of deception”

I’ve carried these words with me,
through struggles such as this.
Where a lily blooms lone among the thorns,
and fate is sealed with a kiss.

Your journey is just starting,
shake the dust off of your feet.
Watch the sky for signs of new life,
there’ll be some you’d like to meet.

Along the water-ravaged shore,
the waves pound out their tunes.
Inside a mountain hollow we rest,
feet caressing stray, windswept dunes.

I recall the time I was here last,
I shared my secrets with the stars.
They offered me a guiding light,
along the path to heal the scars.

The whisper of the breeze,
sweet music to my ears.
I followed them over the horizon,
to a place devoid of fears.

A place known only to the chosen few,
you must not speak it’s name.
Nor should you doubt or question why,
you were called to play this game....

Remnants of history burning before your eyes,
no more than ashes in the fire.
The silver smoke rises then fades,
clearing the twisted cathedral spire.

Memories escape on the wings of the breeze,
they're leaving nothing to chance.
Though forever ingrained in your conscious,
you and your true love's last dance.

In the old church hall it started,
and led you to the river.
All the while your hands of time,
caressed her hour glass figure.

Awestruck you stood, attention rapt,
a shooting star lit up the skies.
Your heart a blaze of passion,
the flame ignited in her eyes.

You watched above as it fizzled,
celestial body ripped apart.
Then she turned and spoke those words,
and like that star, so sank your heart.

Crying, she looked deep in your eyes,
"I must leave you now, it is my duty".
You wiped her cheek and told her,
"This river of tears won't drown your beauty".

She held you close, kissed your cheek,
then whispered low into your ear.
"Remember this place, this moment, this face,
for once again you shall meet me here".

Her hands gripped tightly round your waist,
she buried her head into your shoulder.
As she disappeared before you, you wonder,
"When will time repeat so I might hold her?".

That meeting she spoke of,
the reward your success will bring.
Together at the end of trail you'll meet,
you, your lover and the King.

The King, by your side will walk,
in his grace all temptation pales.
Have faith in his guiding hands,
put you trust in the holes made by the nails.

He will steer you from abuse and sin,
the serpents in the garden.
Sliding, coiling, draped 'round your neck,
their goal, your soul to harden.

He will cast them down cold as stone,
banish those leather-skinned menaces.
Should they show signs of leading you astray,
He will take care of these disturbances.

The Rogue appears from the forest dancing,
weaving a rhythmic, drunken blur.
Stops you as you try to pass, he speaks,
"A proposition for you , sir".

"Look at you dressed down in rags,
wandering this endless road.
Look at me, free from burden,
see, my wondrous abode".

As he turns, arm outstretched,
and his finger southward pointing.
You notice that he casts no shadow,
is he real or just some haunting?

All this and more will be yours he claims,
the price, merely your soul
"What use is that?" he asks, "If I
can grant you life with no bell toll"

The King steps forth as spirit guide,
unseen by eyes but yours.
Merely a presence felt, a passing breeze,
yet a strong hand to steady your course.

The Rogue, unaware, continues to tell
his plan of vanity and greed.
From breeze to mighty wind, Rogue cast aside,
says the King, "We take only what we need".

"We have no use for your tales,
nor false promises of riches free.
You tell us seeing is believing,
I say, you must believe before you can see.

You claim to hold the secret of eternal life,
yet all you know you stole.
to understand our journey, I tell you,
expand the mind before you explore the soul".

At these words the Rogue is gone,
formless into the wood.
Will he heed the King's warning,
you wondered as you stood.

You weren't swayed by the gifts he offered,
never one to follow the crowd.
Now your friend will leave, don't fear,
you can hold your head up proud.

Though the King will never leave your soul,
now his presence will be gone.
You will meet again at the crossroads,
under the first rays of the morning sun.

Only one night to survive alone,
remember your faith is your rock.
Should you meet those graceless outcasts,
remember, your path they cannot block.

The night begins to fall, the sun disappears,
your eyes turn to the skies.
The stars have formed their shimmering tapestry,
a silver reflection of paradise.

As your brow grows heavy you stop,
under cover of a violet shade.
You rest beside the roses as your mind wanders,
visions of the one who left you afraid.

Her face is painted behind your eyes,
you can't get it out of your head.
Her eyes are brown, seductive,
her lips, that ruby red.

Reds and browns, the colours of autumn,
October skies drenched in shades of creation.
She dances through your heart and nestles,
in your sense of adoration

The presence of the darkness
grows stronger with the night.
Yet as you close your eyes you see
a radiant, vivid glow...the Light.

Like a beacon in the future, your goal,
a place beyond the uncertain.
Follow it, let it take you
beyond ignorance’s closing curtain.

To a place where love is viewed,
a necessity and not a burden.
Contempt and ego are foreign to this world,
nothing to have the last word on.

Enticing, warm, you hear your name,
the Light to you it calls.
Rising, to the crossroads your walk,
four directions, each has it's pitfalls.

As you gaze out across the landscape
morning begins to break.
The New Dawn exploding into your conscious,
to the Light you are awake.

Not that you have reached it,
(though your time it isn't long).
Indeed, you're on the path to learning,
surrender yet be strong.

A cowardly thought it first may seem,
look past the initial stigma.
Surrender to the Word, the Love,
it's not so much of an enigma.

You will learn as I did
you have much to gain, nothing to lose.
The way is littered with distraction,
don't fear the odd scar or bruise

Between the words of our conversation,
the silences are deafening.
If only we could find the circumstance,
where the enemies aren't so threatening.

We have searched through the impossible,
the scars once more are bleeding.
Send me something to heal these wounds,
to the Creator I heard you pleading.

We have travelled across the mountains,
between Heaven and Earth, halfway.
Of the people and places we have seen,
there are ones who you will remember always.

They set you free when you were trapped,
when the clouds over you were draping.
These people however would disappear,
their job complete upon your escaping.

Think back to how it all began,
and to who it was that got you through.
To the Light pulled you toward,
to form the Self anew.

They're out there somewhere,
helping others with their limitation.
Those who find themselves caught between,
certainty and contemplation.

I know because I was one myself,
who tried to face life with the lance.
Ready to strike, I'd roam the streets,
in an everlasting battle dance.

I could hear the pounding on the nails,
inside the coffin I was clawing.
I was going down slow to another place,
no one helped, just stood there laughing.

Then by one act so simple,
of a man of stature not heroic.
(I'll remember his face forever,
expressionless, stoic.)

I'll see it always, right before my eyes,
I've met him since but couldn't say where.
To that one person I owe everything,
if only I could take you there.

He is known by many different names,
could take on different forms, maybe.
But he saw something there all along,
and took a hold of the doubt that filled me.

For a time I'd wandered in circles,
I'd used up the possessions they were selling.
Your own way in this world you must make,
was the motto they were telling.

Those words they sold a dime a dozen,
I knew they could shatter like fragile glass.
In this world the Way must be found,
before anything can come to pass.

That's my story, yours is only part way through,
there are decisions to be made right now.
Will you open your eyes or keep them shut?
I'll tell you the Light will be there anyhow.

Don't be afraid, the glare is soft,
Strong in front but easy on the eye.
Follow it and be filled with love.
A love that will rain down from the sky.

The pounding of the rain forces me to shout,
your mind grows heavier as the clouds bleed.
To the cover of the old oak you limp,
where we sit until daylight is freed.

On our path the water causes mayhem,
the earth treacherous underfoot.
Have faith your balance shall not falter.
Have faith the third eye won't shut.

We travelled to the shoreline, misty,
not knowing what would be found.
In the distance we saw an island,
High waves and rocks surround.

In the rising heat as you removed your coat,
from below we heard a rapping.
To the cliff face slowly we edged ,
the sound ceased to a gentle tapping.

The monotone rang through to morning
and left as it came, unannounced.
We studied the view, the old owl whistled,
seemingly the presence was denounced.

We gazed out across the blue,
drawn to the island on the horizon.
You face a glow, a sense of wonder,
I knew the prize you had your eyes on.

The clouds and sea they framed the vista
like an ancient painting hanging.
A tear rolled down your reddened face,
in your eyes I saw a longing.

For the youth now only memory.
For the years that still remain.
For the days illumined by her sweet smile.
For the times when tears rained/reigned.

Your sight grew strained, eyes narrow,
as you peered into infinity.
A beautiful vision danced through your mind
unlocking the dreams of eternity.

You could see the day you won your freedom,
on others support you could stop gambling.
There wasn't just you, many were crammed,
for the exit in the rush you were scrambling.

That’s the last thing you remember
before your arrival in the present.
There's only one thing you need to know,
your past won't return to torment.

You may remember your teachers
or your friends from your first day of school.
But you'll forget the times that you lost faith,
of this journey that is the rule.

From our vision you return almost motionless,
you'd had a glimpse of your life before.
From under you breath I heard a mutter escape,
"I made it out faithless no more.

From now on your dreams will be filled
with whispers surrounding you left and right.
Offering peace, hope and their blessing
for this trip you  need all of your might.

These extraordinary sights left you tired,
all you could hear was a whispering voice.
"This road is long, but does not last forever,
rest assured you'll find reason to rejoice."

You are filled with a spirit so glorious,
you feel capable of infinite loving.
Safe and content in your new found knowledge,
you drift to sleep right where you are lying.

You awake at a gate with a sign that reads
(a sign dangling from a single nail from the bricks)
"Here many hundreds have been killed
and still many hundred more are sick"

You turn to me with trembling lips
"This was my home", the words come slowly.
You try to understand, but cannot,
the madness that transpires there daily.

Desperate to remember the good times
you recall your mother, like an angel she sings.
Then your father, never short of wisdom,
and the stability his presence brings.

Knowing you cannot return we leave,
walking under the golden arch gateway.
Suddenly you take me by complete surprise,
you fall to your knees and begin to pray.

As you lift you head, still on your knees,
the clouds began to part.
I see now what you did that day,
you opened up your heart.

A stairway descends from the sky above,
a mosaic of harmonic blues and silvers.
There to escort, the woman from your dreams,
who silently guided your endeavours.

I see my reflection in a teardrop as we say goodbye.
You smile, "Thank you, for everything."
"Well, I said you two would meet again
and it would be in the presence of the King."

I was just a companion, the lady was the one,
and now is the time to take her,
(When I told you, you thought it was cliché)
it's your chance to meet your maker.

A thousand questions flow through your mind,
which one will you pursue?
Head bowed solemn, you step forth and ask Him,
"What can I do for you?"