I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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By the parting of the clouds,
the dawning of a new age.
A perfect sunrise greets us,
as we look out from stage.
Are we just performers in this game,
for the amusement of others?
Or is there a connection?
Sisters and Brothers
It takes time and patients,
that connection to make.
I warn you of their fragility,
oft-times they will break.
Not a comment on ourselves,
maybe destiny or fate.
Some people appear when we need them,
but if they leave, don’t hate.
Their reasons they may not share,
but be sure they are honourable.
Take note of their actions
and words most memorable.
Time and care are needed,
requirements in this game.
For if you have one and without the other,
game over; shame.
You will know when you see them,
the people you must find.
The ones who understand
the workings of your mind.
But the connection you seek
is not so easily found.
Though when it is, fate permitting,
you are eternally bound.