I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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I Set My Ladder Against The Sky

       I set my ladder against the sky,

       That all-seeing eye

       Beneath whom we survived,

       Fixed within a finite sphere

       And unspoken sin;

       Bound by compassed skin.


       In my exile I fed not on dreams of hope,

       Only scraps of small fortune.

       Never did I seek release from this sentiment,

       This foolish consistency,

       Until you in such decay I found,

       From this dissolving earth unwound.


       During desperate cause we shared

       Time and chance to pause between

       The doubts, those traitors to truth.

       We spoke the words in mirrored mind

       To ask the silent question,

       And answer in a common vein.


       To my red, shall your white rose cede - 

       Side by side to bleed.