I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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The last commandment standing's turned to dust

The last commandment standing’s turned to dust

While you who shoulder sin perfect your gods,

And I who strive to greet the end of time

Could likewise any moment meet the grave,

Where in my time of dying I shall sing

These love songs to the dead and ever gone.


Consoled by nothing more than idle thought,

My unaccompanied soul finds shelter in

The soft embrace of chaos you deny.

Were I to turn and face this fate alone

And find behind this door that opens here

The murmured voice of love that’s due to all,

Such trespass I would never reprimand,

But welcome to my heart this burning need.




If I had made you wait outside that door,

Then who could say with more than half a truth

This waiting shan’t have signalled my demise;

If Time ticked through his circuit first then I

Allowed you entrance into my domain,

No certainty remained this age we’d share.


When Time by his dictation called to court

This cosmic-law-abiding soul I bear,

The judge presiding called the witness forth

And several silhouettes approached the bench.

Each one a word in truth and honour clad,

Their whole made up the sentence to be passed.

With which triumvirate I my freedom won

And flourish to this day in the rewards.