I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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The Beginning Of My Journey

Out in the wilderness,
Past Desolation Row.
Treading through vines
In the gaze of the crow.

I saw a woman singing with the birds.

Back and forth
In mystical rhyme,
With the falling rain,
The keeper of time.

I thought to myself, “How does she know all the words?”.

“It’s a gift”, said a voice,
A voice from inside.
“Who is that”, I asked
But no-one replied.

Was I really there alone?.

The singing cut short,
The melody dropped,
The falling rain
Had come to a stop.

Through the clouds, the sun came home.

I watched the light,
The glare was harsh.
My eyes caught the birds
On their migration march.

They upped and left at the drop of a hat.

I kept on walking
As day turned to night.
And I saw her again,
Sitting in the starlight.

And beside her the birds now sat.

In her lap was a book,
Showing signs of age.
Her arms were folded,
The wind turned the page.

I was transfixed.

From somewhere around her
She felt a presence, innate.
I hung in the balance
Of the treachery of fate.

My feelings were mixed.

Looking up from her book,
She stole a glance.
Her eyes, chrome brown,
Locked me in a trance.

I froze out of fear.

She motioned a finger
As the wind closed the book.
Her eyes were ablaze,
I’ll never forget that look.

“Come over here”.

I pulled myself to my feet,
Left the place where I hid.
I couldn not say why,
But I’m glad that I did.

It was something about her I guess.

She patted the floor,
I sat down beside her.
She read aloud,
From the feelings inside her.

Her hand against my soul she did press.

I closed my eyes
To see the place,
Her words were painting
With tranquility and grace.

A place off the beaten track.

She finished each verse
With a wisdom few know,
“Get out of your own way
And let the words flow”.

I haven’t looked back.

She spoke of visions transcending,
Of glory, of pain.
From the experience of life
On the Astral Plane.

A Woman of Virtue.

She taught me so much
With that single sentence,
Of the acceptance of will,
The abhorrence of pretense.

I’ll never forget you.