I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Leave Me Now

Leave me now to my cemetery of old

Days and their ghosts that stalk between the stones

Reciting loves of flesh to bones. I hear

Their dead voices and your last words; and though

There is no solace in the sentence each

Constructs, no more the morbid miracle

Of the cross upon the pinnacle of

Calvary shall return me to the womb.


I open my eyes from the drug of faith

And see in ancient light the ruins of men.

The faces there no older than my own,

Their cheerless eyes obsessed by nothing more

Than silence in their breast. The beaten hearts

Whose curse of youth blasphemed the myths of age

Are bared to brave the rhetoric of prayer,

And perched upon a pyramid to burn.


The bodies that lived the simple terror

Toil in the cauldron of the serpent’s court

While sold souls sail the good night’s estuary

Through the mouthing darkness where no dawn’s dream

Dilutes their death’s lament; no morning light

To soothe the kiss of time’s capricious lips.

His bloodied ocean heaves the hell-bound hulk

And splinters heaven on my hero’s grave.