I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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In The Goddess' Garden

When stars scream to the unreal void
This life’s lamps are burnt.
New breath you spark
The understudy learnt.
How quick comes he end?
I need to know.
Am I running out of time?
How fast must I go?
The screaming stars won’t help you now
They’re hiding in the clouds.
Unseen by human eyes
We must look beyond the shrouds.
Shrouds of anger, shrouds of calm
Therein lies your fate.
It’s only one or the other, my Friend,
Which path will you take?
One leads to satisfaction,
But it carries a heavy price.
The other ends in glory,
You must make your choice.
Are you destined to live,
In the light of eternity?
Or deep in the shadows
Of conscious self-pity?
Look up, what a sight
To see the stars resurrected.
Look out, take flight
Your indecision, detected.
Now comes the true test
Of the infinity of will.
Do you take up the challenge
With sword or with quill?
The names on the wall
Are those gone before you.
Failure means the end,
Success, you pass through.
Into the realms of boundless pleasure
Your reward, in which to bask.
Of the price of ignominy,
Need you ask?
Walk with me and see,
I will give a peek
Of the glory of victory
Of the paradise which I speak.
Is there Heaven on Earth?
Who am I to say?
But in reward for your courage
It is here you may stay.
Follow my hand,
The arc of my arm through the air.
All you see will be yours
Now you must prepare.
Go now, choose your weapon,
In the Goddess’s Garden you meet
With the armies of night,
An ambush to defeat.
Is this temptation
What I offer you now?
I wouldn’t stoop to such levels,
I wouldn’t know how.
I offer you nothing
But that what you dream.
To live on the level,
‘Stead of balancing on the beam.
Would you rather I left you
In the twilight, alone?
I could leave you right now,
Just let me know when you’re done.
The journey has begun
It’s up to you to make a move.
I’ll meet you on the border
‘Neath the mountains, in the cove.
He is brave, but is he clear?
His intentions worthy of merit?
Courage is a virtue to behold,
I know he won’t hide it.
How he will show it,
Is my only concern.
Is he content with his destiny?
Or for more does he yearn?
Should he  return I will know,
If truth was on his side.
Did he spy the trap?
Did the Goddess kiss his eyes?
I hear tears on the wind,
Victory or defeat?
Time is running backwards,
At midnight we meet.
The Goddess on her chariot
And he dressed in gold.
The colour of conquest,
A story often told.
How it came to pass
Is of utmost importance
All that needs to be said,
He took the poets stance.
He accepted the challenge,
His duty to himself.
The words that he wrote,
Brought to life from the shelf.
They came pure from a place
Most observe with disgust.
Now they will be shared,
Not buried in the dust.
He has the mind of a poet
And the heart of a thief.
By this he means no harm,
Or so is my belief.
As we approached the land
Where he will end his days.
There is a rock at the gate,
On it, it says....
Only themselves understand themselves
And the like of themselves,
As souls only understand souls....
With the words of Walt
He had swept aside,
The villainous touch
Of the high-wailing tide.
“Be free in reality”
Was the mantra he chanted.
And by his own actions,
His wish had been granted.
Free to roam,
To think, to be.
There is no-one I know
Richer than he.
I left him at the gate
Of the clear, crystal dome
Concealing his future,
His Heaven, His Home.