I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Never Ending Charade

The past is the time we were apart
In the future who knows if you'll be there
The one thing that I can be sure of
The present is that gift that we share

Under the redwood by the river
We sat barefoot for a while
Starry skies outshone by your
Wildfire eyes and crescent moon smile

The river flows free to the ocean
Never paying a penny in fare
The habit of nature in all her glory
Though not always exacted with such care

Our existence ran through the ruins of time
We survived on our instincts and guile
Learning lessons of life day-by-day
Never questioning the value of a smile

When you set out for your prearranged destiny
I offered you my congratulations
"This shouldn't take long", you assured me
Empty promises were never consolations

The murmur of distant souls
Echoed from the graveyard
The eyes of a stranger fixed intent
Over my innermost desires I stand guard

Little lost angel in a game of chance
Wandering through the avenues
You wrote your masterpiece of sorrow
Those bittersweet bell-tower blues

The song plays on through my head
Your song of the streets
It carries me through the yearning
I breathe to the beat

Town square clock chimes at noon
Infernal ringing burns my ears
I haven't slept for near six days
Feels closer to six years

On this tightrope ride
Dreams are betrayed
Stage-lights dim on this
Never Ending Charade