I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Eyes That Shine

Northern stars patiently awake,
the fire floats beyond the curves of the moon.
Lights of Heaven rain from the clouds,
the Watcher will be home by noon.

And the planets, they crossed tonight,
to end the longest drought. Rain.
But changes interfere, never a reward.
We need to laugh just to keep sane.

You’ll stay true, we will wait.
The longest calm can shock the steadiest nerve.
Can you see God’s eyes shining?
Open your heart and capture the verve.

And so, on our journey we progress,
where the path will lead us we know not.
There is no map, no set route,
we’ll find all we need, we must use all we got.

See the muse as she dances in the shadows,
she is to be kept in sight.
The fire at the centre of the Sapphire,
Our guide to get us through our plight.

What was that you said,
as we approached the gates?
You can’t continue? But we must enter.
Take my hand, there is no time to waste.

Two eagles circle above, randomly swooping,
mocking us with their eyes.
While the stars in their celestial ballet,
shoot, sharp, through the twinkling skies.

Now in the Garden, we sit for a while,
as our legs collapse, the bench appears.
“I think someone’s looking out for us” you said.
I couldn’t believe my ears.

What was it that had changed your mind?
(after all your doubting, shouting and sin)
Was it the moment you reached the gate?
Or the fact that they let you in?