I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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In Dreams

Trembling on your marble balcony
Waiting for you to rise
I string together the stars with my fingertip
The shimmering eyes and moonlight smile, painted
Across the midnight
Clouds stroll by, caressing the latticed face and I grow jealous
Of them, touching you
I untie my constellation in childish victory
Then welcome the coppery light of morning
In it's full summer dress
You are awake now, I know
I feel your presence, those eyes hold me in stasis
Turning, I take two paces
You stop me with a raised finger, which retreats
Suggestively to your lips and you step forward
Your antique-white robe catches the vase
Perched beside you on the corner table
Your robe, the vase and my eyes fall in concert
I raise mine to meet yours, closer now
The robe hits the ground in a clap of thunder
Tempestuous, devastating
Magnified by the intensity of the moment
The vase smashes
The illusion shatters
I lie awake, still
In dreams of you