I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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A Nightly Ritual

Two o'clock in the morning
Awake with the same unending dreams
The same painted visions, lining
The same crooked hallways, winding
Around the curves of memory
And the same streetlight
The towering inferno that intrudes the silence
Illumintaing the subject
Highlighting my weakness
Achilles plants his heel firm
Immoveable in the dreaming sleepery, the untiring bustle
Hours pass in vain
The chimeras
Losing their wonder in the laziness of repetition
My astonishment lacks surprise
Indifference happens, again
It is six o'clock now
Fatigue burns my eyes
Frustration's prayers answered only by the dawn
I rise with the sun from this sporadic slumber
The Golden Narcissus crowning existence
Then vanishing, at my insistence