I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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The Search For Tranquility

A childlike passion for imagination
The awakening of unexplored desires
Way up in the clouds and revealed
Can you hear the symphony of the stars?
In the vibrancy of reality and
It's unending embrace
The waiting of youth
Becomes the expectation of age
Eager are the searchers in their actions
Contented in their thoughts
And I, traversing the miles
The corridor of time and it's many locked doors
The stretching of truth and the racing of hearts
We hide from our destiny though it tears us apart
Down through the days of rain
Hello to the water is goodbye to the pain
In the celebration of autumn and the fire
Crowning existence
The torch of tomorrow
Igniting the air and the distance
Now suspended from the heavens
Illuminating a face in the crowded infinity
The smiling eyes of my guiding light
My heart and soul in the search for tranquility