I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Your Friend

Inaudible whispers, a disclosure of love
Entrapped me in a state of bondage
A raging desire, a hazardous passion aroused
Before trust and truth were a foreign language
Your friend has gone
Escaping the darkness
A fading candle his only light
A flame, burned from both ends
Never threatening to ignite

My dreams, flowing and forceful
Though I resist the temptation
I can't trust myself
In this breathless desperation
Your friend has gone
Leaving nothing behind
Too hard to forget
In the shadows of memory
But another silhouette

Face to face with destiny
A mirror with no reflection
Have I ceased to exist?
Or did I escape detection?
Your friend has gone
A gypsy in the land of
Lies and contradiction
This obsidian heart
No stranger to fiction

I thought I needed no one
No friend but solitude
Left fumbling for the exit
From this shameful interlude
Your friend was wrong
Wandering the wilderness
Awaiting an invitaton to return
All the time he was gone
The flame never ceased to burn