I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Prayer On The Parkway

East of the moon, west of the sun,
A mourning mist falls on the bridge of avalon.
Journeying through the maze of dreams -
My goal: The reconciliation of extremes.
The planets perched on their pillars of the sky,
Gazing to the heavens, I am wondering why
The faith of reason and the glory of truth
Have been lost to the forgotten language of youth.
I hear voices on the border of silence, conversing,
Through the narrow passage of chance I'm traversing.
The lucky find love in the ruins of time,
And I, a spectator of the eternal pantomime.
From the devils below to the angels above
Breaking hearts in the name, and vanity, of love.
The empirical smile on the lips of the mistress,
She owns the daylight freedom and the night-time fortress.
These tyrants of paradise in the rising storm,
Enemies of fortune, to exile are born;
The changing gods in their dance of the fallen
From glory and grace -  I can hear them calling.
Distant visions of glory and elusive utopias
In the fathoms of sunlight and the shadows it embroiders.
A search for the soul who possesses the one kiss,
Granting freedom from the talons of the eagle of injustice.
We once stood together in a blinding absence of light,
The voice of the silence commanded the little bird take flight.
A cold wind biting through the darkness surrounding;
The shadow of solitude and the echo resounding.
In the warm caress of summer and cold grip of winter
I remember the depths and the love I fell into.
From cradle to grave and on unto glory -
The lost illusion and his never ending story.