I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Eternity In An Hour

A sundown assembly on the highway of the seas;
Petitioning the darkness under the aegis of dreams.
From the starlit abyss comes a dazzling hope -
Dawn spreads out her fingertips of rose.
With the rebuilding of bridges many times crossed.
The coming of age of a morning once lost.
At the echoing gate of the dying night
Metallic fire of memory ignites.
Raging river of tears flooding the morning,
Again I return without heeding the warning.
Accepting blessings though they sharpen the knife;
Hoping tears of friendship are the water of life.
Illuminated morning breaks through the window,
Annihilating the darkness in a rambling inferno.
Stepping from shadows to the empire of sun -
The air around me burning; time has just begun.