I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Under The Moon That Shadows A Thousand Streets

Under the moon that shadows a thousand streets,
Harbouring our secrets out of temptations reach -
The lost illusions among the darkness they hide in:
The wandering silhouettes whom the broken confide in.
In luring the desperate they will promise the stars,
Torn down at dawn so we don't see the scars.
Demanding a glance of the one I'd call mine
Hidden from vision by that great thief we call Time.
Through the echoes from the hills to the shadows in the grass;
Under dark shades of tears, along their furrowed falling path;
In the solemnity of prayer and the dignity of peace;
The circle of life in perpetual decrease.
As the pendulum that swings, defying the law
Of gravity until man upsets it's core;
So, temporarily can man reality betray,
Still the rules of death must he obey.