I Wonder If You Always Tell The Truth

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Elzar (A True Story)

We were strangers but for that hour
A meeting in the clouds
If only another time
What made you choose that seat?
What was it that brought you so close to me?
I remember still that shy, sweet smile
Your nervous giggle is still music to my ears
I still feel your hand on my arm as we landed
You said you felt safe by my side
And I by yours
Yet, as we parted I sensed you look back
But I didn't and I'm sorry
Tears of regret have stung these eyes
Elzar, I'm sorry
My heart wasn't in it

Now, in dreams
I stand by the waters of avalon
Looking in
I see your reflection in the silver lake
Once again I feel the shiver
The energy as it sears through me
The courage filling the heart
The desire taking control

This time I turn


Last night I danced with a stranger,
But she just reminded me you were the one
(Bob Dylan)